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About Us

Codescap was founded in 2022, as a subsidiary of Foodoor - Food Delivery which has been serving Kerala for the past 2 years especially in the Malabar regions. Our headquarters is located at Perinthalmanna in Malappuram district of Kerala. We are on a mission to bring your ideas online effectively and affordable at the same time, by building websites or application for sales purpose and our proper marketing and SEO methods will help you land much more users than the normal.

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We offer you the highest standard of Web & App Services along with Social Media Management, Digital Marketing and SEO services, while also making sure that we are the cheapest in the market, offering a win-win situation to our clients.

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    One of main agenda is to make sure none of our clients go unhappy and hence we cover each and every part of their requirement.

  • Affordable packages that enables you to be free of any doubts regarding the working of your website.

  • Suitable, Affordable and Afficient hosting plan suggestions and guidence by our professional team will ensure that you choose the best plan available anywhere.



We are focused on providing the best service to our clients by building the perfect application or website with 100% confirmation of all the client requirements

Static Websites

Completely responsive static web pages for your business profile

Dynamic Websites

customized websites with all the required functionalities

Application Development

Building Android and iOS Applications of your choice

Digital Marketing

Want to reach more audience? We will make happen

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Application Development

Foodoor - Online Food Delivery

Foodoor is the parental force behind the formation of codescap. Foodoor is amongst the major projects at the firm and stands tall as to mention the quality of the work we does at the firm and hence this is the project we would like to showcase at the highest priority. Codescap came into existence after detailed study and successful maintenance of the App for over 2 years and ensring that the firm is confident on taking more projects and delivering products with the same or higher quality at reasonable pricing, enabling more people to achieve their dreams.

Download the App here :
Foodoor - Download the App Now

Web Development


A-Shop Online Soppee

A-Shop was bought into life in order to bring smaller business online and there by enable them to reach wider and has access to people all around the world through the web and hence develop better opportunities.

Business Websites






Blue Line


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